Hello, I am Sheri and since I was little, my greatest joy has been walking the beach searching for rocks to collect and to hold in my hands. Piles of rocks can be found all over my house and one is always in my pocket.

I do not know if you know this but being a mom can be stressful!!! Sometimes, as a mom, your interests and passions can get pushed to the side and everything becomes about your children and I found this happening to me for a few years. One day, I found myself in desperate need of rediscovering my creativity. I was also searching for a tool to help me when I needed to fidget during long meetings, to rub when I was stressed, and to help me be mindful and take care of myself. So, I took over the kitchen table and I surrounded myself with rocks and gems, copper, and trinkets, and began making Worry Stones.

Working with people and listening to their stories and ideas is important. Their stories bring great joy to me because I can incorporate it into a Worry Stone that reflects who they are and what they need.


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